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2012 Autumn Woodland Themed Tabletop Ornament Tree from Pier 1 Imports

Autumn Leaves in the Sun {jÖrg on Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)}

2012 Autumn Woodland Themed Tabletop Ornament Tree from Pier 1 Imports


This post is from 2012. To see the Pier 1 Imports woodland ornaments for 2013 follow this link.

The fall season will arrive in the Northern Hemisphere later this month. Cooler temperatures and school homework will be bringing everyone inside after a summer of fun outside. Add a touch of autumn inside your home with this ornament tree and handcrafted woodland ornaments from Pier 1 Imports.

My girlfriend Nona spotted some great fall ornaments at Pier 1 Imports. This past weekend I went with her to investigate further and fell in love with these natural woodland ornaments and an accompanying ornament tree.

Ornament display trees offer the beauty of a tree’s natural form in a minimalistic style perfect for displaying ornaments. A tabletop ornament tree is a nice touch on an end table, counter, breakfast bar, or as a dining table centerpiece.

Pier 1 Imports’ Gold Leafed Metal Ornament Tree is a perfect tree for fall ornament display. It offers a warm gold tone and sturdy construction. The handcrafted woodland ornaments provide a homey, organic touch. Each ornament is finely detailed and lightweight.

Make the most out of such a tree purchase by using it for occasion after occasion. This month hang the woodland animal ornaments, in October display some Halloween ornaments, then in November switch to Thanksgiving themed ornaments, and in December bring out your winter and holiday ornaments.

Gold Leafed Metal Ornament Tree

Gold Leafed Metal Ornament Tree {Pier 1 Imports (Copyright 2012)}

Natural Deer Ornament

Natural Deer Ornament {Pier 1 Imports (Copyright 2012)}

Natural Hedgehog Ornament

Natural Hedgehog Ornament {Pier 1 Imports (Copyright 2012)}

Natural Squirrel Ornament

Natural Squirrel Ornament {Pier 1 Imports (Copyright 2012)}

Natural Raccoon Ornament

Natural Raccoon Ornament {Pier 1 Imports (Copyright 2012)}

Natural Owl Ornament

Natural Owl Ornament {Pier 1 Imports (Copyright 2012)}

Natural Porcupine Ornament

Natural Porcupine Ornament {Pier 1 Imports (Copyright 2012)}

Natural Acorn Ornaments

Natural Acorn Ornaments {Pier 1 Imports (Copyright 2012)}

Feather Owl Ornaments

Feather Owl Ornaments {Pier 1 Imports (Copyright 2012)}
Geek Factor

Autumn, or fall, is one of the four temperate seasons. Autumn marks the transition from summer into winter, in September (Northern Hemisphere) or March (Southern Hemisphere) when the arrival of night becomes noticeably earlier.

According to United States tradition, autumn runs from the day after Labor Day through Thanksgiving, after which the holiday season that demarcates the unofficial beginning of winter begins.


Additional Information

There are plenty of more fall themed ornaments at Pier 1 Imports and other stores. Go browse and select the items that appeal most to you. None of the items featured here can be ordered online, but the Pier 1 Imports web site will tell you if an item is in stock in a store near you. Call the store to ensure they have an item if you plan on making a special trip for it.