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Pier 1 Imports 2013 Woodland Themed Ornaments

Pier 1 Imports Natural Squirrel Ornaments {The Tree Topper (CC BY-NC-ND)}

Pier 1 Imports 2013 Woodland Themed Ornaments

Building on last year’s selection of woodland themed ornaments, Pier 1 Imports has introduced new additions for 2013. Take a look at the must-haves for your woodland themed Christmas tree.

These handcrafted ornaments with their natural appearances add a perfect rustic touch. While still a bit delicate, they do not have the weight of most other ornaments. This makes them perfect for natural trees with weaker branches, such as some Cypress, Fir, and Pine trees. In addition to the ornaments, Pier 1 Imports has larger sized versions of many of the animals you can place on your mantel or elsewhere.

You can choose to decorate your entire tree with the lovable woodland creatures, my favorites are the Natural Bird, Natural Moose, Natural Porcupine, Natural Bird Nest, Natural Squirrel, Natural Fox, and Natural Glitter Raccoon. Or you can select just one of the adorable critters and tuck it away in your tree as a hidden surprise for your guests’ viewing pleasure. I suggest tucking the Natural Bird with its Santa hat and red scarf inside your tree around or just below eye level.

Natural Bird Ornament

Natural Bird Ornament {Pier One Imports (2013)}

Natural Deer Ornament

Natural Deer Ornament {Pier One Imports (2013)}

Natural Moose Ornament

Natural Moose Ornament {Pier One Imports (2013)}

Natural Porcupine Ornament

Natural Porcupine Ornament {Pier One Imports (2013)}

Natural Deer Ornament – Large

Natural Deer Ornament – Large {Pier One Imports (2013)}

Natural Pinecone Ornament

Natural Pinecone Ornament {Pier One Imports (2013)}

Natural Snowflake Ornament

Natural Snowflake Ornament {Pier One Imports (2013)}.jpg

Natural Owl with Hat

Natural Owl with Hat {Pier One Imports (2013)}

Natural Owl Ornament

Natural Owl Ornament {Pier One Imports (2013)}.jpg

Natural Hedgehog Ornament

Natural Hedgehog Ornament {Pier One Imports (2013)}

Natural Bird Nest Ornament

Natural Bird Nest Ornament {Pier One Imports (2013)}

Natural Squirrel Ornament

Natural Squirrel Ornament {Pier One Imports (2013)}

Natural Gnome Ornament

Natural Gnome Ornament {Pier One Imports (2013)}

Natural Fox Ornament

Natural Fox Ornament {Pier One Imports (2013)}

Feather Owl Ornament

Feather Owl Ornament {Pier One Imports (2013)}

Natural Glitter Raccoon Ornament

Natural Glitter Raccoon Ornament {Pier One Imports (2013)}

Natural Feather Owl Ornament

Natural Feather Owl Ornament {Pier One Imports (2013)}

Natural Glitter Owl Ornament

Natural Glitter Owl Ornament {Pier One Imports (2013)}

Natural Birdhouse Ornament

Natural Birdhouse Ornament {Pier One Imports (2013)}

Natural Acorn Ornaments

Natural Acorn Ornaments {Pier One Imports (2013)}

Natural Bird Ornaments

Natural Bird Ornaments {Pier One Imports (2013)}

Natural Owl Ornaments

Natural Owl Ornaments {Pier One Imports (2013)}

Feather Snowman Ornament

Feather Snowman Ornament {Pier One Imports (2013)}

Bird Clip Ornament Set

Bird Clip Ornament Set {Pier One Imports (2013)}

Burlap Birdhouse Ornament

Burlap Birdhouse Ornament {Pier One Imports (2013)}

Images courtesy of Pier 1 Imports.

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The term ‘woodland’ is used to describe a low-density forest that offers open habitats with plenty of sunlight and limited shade.